February 16, 2012

DIY blue cross pattern headband

Yesterday was fun, finally got the supplies I needed and some time on my hands. Woohoo!!! Searched my magic drawer and found some ribbons which i bought a while ago. I gathered the supplies I needed and decided to make my first headband.
You can top off a more or less simple outfit with this headband and give your look something for people to wow about.

This headband is handmade and therefore very unique.

DIY blue headband
First I covered the heandband in beautiful ribbon and made this pretty cross pattern.
Then I decided to put some sort of ornament on it. After going back and forth about a hundred times between a bow and a flower, I decided to stick with the flower this time. Then I topped it off with a bead.
How to make a headband
DIY headband with flower
After I made this headband, I decided to give it to a friend. She was a little bit ill for a couple of days (awww. Poor poockie. *sad*) and came to work finally today to see this little dime piece on her table. She was very very excited and cannot wait for the winter to be over so she can finally put it on and dazzle everyone.

Let me know what you think about this headband.

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