August 29, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Every post about a blog award starts off with thanking the person who nominated you. So firstly, I would like to thank the lovely Caitlin of Rock that Chic for nominating me for this award. It is so exciting to be nominated for awards by fellow bloggers. Thank you once again hunni, you are so kind.
The liebster blog award is an award for blogs with less that 200 followers (or close). It is a great way to show someone you like their blog and get to know them.

The rules of the liebster blog award are:
- Each person must post eleven things about themselves.
- Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you.
- Choose eleven people and tag them in this post.
- Follow the tagger and visit at least three nominees.

11 things about me
1. I love to shop
2. I hate goodbyes
3. I just tried out the bottle of soak-off gel nail polish I got a while ago.
4. If I am only allowed 3 beauty items with me, I would choose foundation, mascara and lipstick.
5. I was at the lady gaga concert in Riga and I had the best time ever.
6. I am addicted to my iphone and twitter.
7. My hair is naturally really curly.
8. I have big dreams and continue to work towards achieving them.
9. My favorite product for my hair is 'Dark and Lovely'.
10. I have way too many jeans in my closet.
11. I love summer.

The 11 questions set by Caitlin
1. Why did you start your blog? I wanted to share some beauty recipes and style ideas with people.
2. Who is your style icon? I don't have just one style icon. I have a few favorites, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga.
3. Where is your favourite place to shop? Online. At the moment, I seem to be buying quite a lot from Dorothy Perkins.
4. Do you have any other hobbies? I love making things. I have loads of DIY projects, just not enough time.
5. What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe? Right now, I am in love with the black leather jacket my mum just got me.
6. What do you spend your spending money on? I spend quite a lot on fuel and food because it is a necessity, rest I save and spend on clothes/beauty products.
7. Do you have any goals or aims on your blog? I would just love to help and inspire people. And I hope they enjoy reading my blog.
8. Whats your favourite thing about your self? I am goal oriented. I will put in all the time and energy required to get what I want.
9. If you could choose to be a celeb who would it be? I have no idea, I always wanted to be both a model and a singer.
10. whats your dream job? CEO of a fashion store.
11. How would you describe your style? I see my style as mixed because one day I am dressed more classy, another day I have way more edge. So I will say my style is diversified.

The 11 people I would like to tag

My 11 questions
1. What inspired you to start and inspires you to continue blogging?
2. What is your most prized possession?
3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
4. How do you wear you hair on most days?
5. What is your favorite blog post to read?
6. What beauty product(s) can't you go a day without?
7. What color are you nails at the moment?
8. Where would you like to work in 5 years?
9. What is you go to item in your closet?
10. If you could choose 1 lipstick color, what would it be?
11. What social media sites do you use?

Congratulations to all the winners. Leave a comment to let me know you saw this.


  1. Replies
    1. You are most welcome hunni. you have a lovely blog.

  2. thank you so much! its always a joy to read your posts! better get cracking on my nominees!

    emily at Stray Closet xx

    1. Thank you hunni. Lovely words always make my day. x


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