November 19, 2012

Monday Madness Blog Hop {#1}

       Hello my lovelies, I have been wanting to do a blog hop for a while now. I love meeting new fashion and beauty bloggers, chatting to them and getting to know them. Well, I finally got to doing it and putting it up. I don't know if you will like it, but I am really hoping you would.
       Most Mondays for me & a lot of other people{I think} are crazy, and involve a lot of work after a relaxing weekend. But then we have that free half hour when we can escape from the world and just do something we like.
       I will be placing a song/picture/joke/quote every Monday to inspire you, make you smile and give your week a good start. You can enter the hop all week, so let's get hopping.
      Today I am sharing a video with you. You probably heard it already but wouldn't hurt to listen again.
You and I, we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky.

1. As you probably expect, follow my blog if you would like to be part of the hop.
2. Visit at least 3 of the links in the hop. If you would like to meet more blogger friends, visit all the links. And don't forget to say hi.
3. Add your link

I would also really appreciate it if you:
- Share this hop with other bloggers on your blog/ facebook/ twitter anywhere you like. The more the merrier. Use hashtag #MMBH on twitter.
- Like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter for updates and chatting.

Have a fab week my lovelies.


  1. It's really sweet of you to start a blog hop! I like the idea of sharing something inspiring or interesting too... love that song!

    Ellie @ Ellalogy 


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