February 18, 2013

Monday Madness Bloghop {#12}

Hello my darlings and welcome back to another Monday. I'm sure a lot of us are yawning and wishing it was Friday again. I know I am. But it's not, so I am back to cheer you up a bit with our usual Monday bloghop. The weekend was quite tiring as I had to work a lot on my internship report and then pulled a muscle at the gym so now sometimes walking can be painful. But I am still sunshine happy and I would like you to be as well. 

This week is also my birthday week so I am really excited. I do hope you all feel rested and energetic today and if there is anything bothering you, then why not follow this Irish proverb.
1. As you probably expect, follow my blog if you would like to be part of the hop.
2. Visit at least 3 of the links in the hop. If you would like to meet more blogger friends, visit all the links. And don't forget to say hi.
3. Add your link

I would also really appreciate it if you:
- Share this hop with other bloggers on your blog/ facebook/ twitter anywhere you like. The more the merrier. Use hashtag #MMBH on twitter.
- Like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter for updates and chatting.

Have a fab week!

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